Which mobile devices does the Impact Assessment app work on?

The mobile app – which you use to collect users voice in the field – works on Apple iOS devices – including iPhones and iPads, and on Android phones and tablets which use 2.3.6 (Gingerbread) and later.  Obviously all phones and tablets need a connection to the internet – by 3g/4g and wi-fi.

How many project can we run using the app?

You can run as many projects as you need to.

How many clients can we have in the app?

Our licenses only limit the numbers of your users, your team members, so you can have as many clients as you need.

I’ve downloaded the app but can’t log in?

You won’t be able to use the app simply by downloading it from google play or iTunes.  You need to talk to use about buying a user license – which then gives you an admin login and the ability to create accounts for staff and volunteers in your organsiation.

I’m a commissioner/funder of services.  If organisations we commission use the app can we see and use the data?

Yes – if you have an observer license and their agreement.  It allows you to monitor what’s happening in projects you have funded if the people delivering are using the Impact Assessment app to collect experiences from the people they are helping.  You could also  talk to use about you offering the app directly to people you fund or commission.

Which browser is best?

We strongly recommend you use modern browsers for a more enjoyable and secure experience.  Google Chrome works well and can be downloaded and used even on most  government computers.  You can also use Safari, Firefox and a supported version of Internet Explorer, currently IE9, IE10, IE11.  Microsoft stops supporting IE8 in January 2016

Who does the data belong to?

The information  you collect belongs to your organisation and can be downloaded from the system. You are the data controller.

What about security?

The mobile apps do not allow access to any media created or the help stored on clients.  The client lists in both the mobile and web app only  include first names and truncated postcodes to.  The web app lives on an https secured server which encrypts information that passes between your computers and the database.  We routinely backup and we update  server software to keep it secure.