The best way to do this training is in small groups. The admin for the impact app will need to add team members to the app, and then work through the training with them. Most of it you can do by either reading the text or watching the video, or a bit of both.

You might want to set aside about 90 minutes for 4 or 5 people to set up their accounts, work through how to use the app, create the project they will work on (if needs be) assign them to the project and get them ready to use the app in your work.

Before you start

To do the training you (the organisational admin for the app) will need to set up a training project and a couple of training clients. This is so you can keep the data from training separate from your real-life data.

If you don’t yet have a project called Impact App Training you need to make one. There are a few ways to get to projects – for now, click on management

Then fill in the form – call the project: Impact App Training, the short name appears on graphs, so call it IAT or IAtrain. Description can just be App training project The question should always be as open as possible for now use something like “How has this helped?” and for this time and this time only, tick the box training (at some point in the future we will adapt the app to exclude training stats automatically). Hit create project.

Right – first project created 😀. Now you need to add a couple of pretend clients, so your team can practise with them. We will call them test1 and test2…..

You can do this in a couple of ways. You can go to management again and then click on add client, on the same row as you found add new project or you can click on clients at the top right of the bluegreen (teal) bar – then click on ‘Add new client” (green button ) in the top right hand corner.

Fill it in. Name is first name (only use one word here). So normally it would be Billy or Jean. For this called them Test1 (all one word) . Unique reference. This you may use to associate someone with another database – for the training exercise just call them test1 again. Then make up the rest and hit create a new client… then add your first benchmark help. Write anything there.

Repeat this to create a new client called test2 – so your team can experience the list of clients coming up when they search. Now you are ready to train your team …. you have a training project and a couple of pretend clients.….

Getting your team onto the app

This bit takes patience. Some people will get sorted very quickly, others will need more time. We suggest you don’t try to get more than 4 or 5 people on the app at once.

Start by getting them to set up a password, for this they’ll need an email address they can access…. (they can access it on a laptop or a mobile device). This is them creating their account on the browser part of the app. If you don’t want to watch the video the process is …

  • Go to your front page on
  • click on “Staff” on the top blue-green bar
  • on the left-hand side click on the button that says “invite someone to join”
  • add their name and their e-mail address and then click “send an invitation”
  • the e-mail may take a minute or three to arrive and it might also end up in their spam.
  • if they can’t find it ask them to search for [email protected] (if they still can’t find it you may need to go to new account troubleshooting)
  • Whilst they are waiting you need to assign them to the training project and decide if they’re going to be a staff member for their project or a manager of their project.

NEXT ….. Getting the app on their phones or tablets and logged in ready to go…..

  • Go to the app store on their phone
  • search for podnosh
  • download the impact assessment app
  • login in with the e-mail and password they’ve just created
  • be patient – it may take a few times to get the password right!
  • They should see a page with a project on it – the training one you created.

Troubleshooting getting people onto the app

Sometimes getting passwords set up and people on the app is a breeze – other times it can be tricky. Key things

  • The app does send e-mails. They sometimes take a few minutes to arrive. That will also depend on how often someone’s device Is set to check e-mails, how fast their internet connections etc is
  • We sometimes have problems with hotmail accounts – but not always, sometimes they work very smoothly.
  • SO
  • Be patient.

If after 4 or 5 minutes the e-mail hasn’t arrived…..

  • ask the team member to check their spam
  • The e-mail subject is “Invitation instructions” (I’m going to improve that when I get a moment!)
  • Ask them to search for it or for the e-mail address: [email protected]

If you have searched and searched and still no sign then it’s time to get drastic….

  • Send the other team members off for a very quick cuppa whilst you sort this
  • You are going to need to get them to use a different e-mail address. Do they have a gmail address they have access to? Access to here and now?
  • If yes ….
  • Archive their previous account – the one you’ve just created – and invite them again, using the new e-mail address

The Main Training – this video is about 25 mins long, but you pause and do get hands on as it goes along.

  • We demonstrate the app
  • Get the team to add their first help and media – experience using the app
  • Pause to confer
  • Have another go just for fluency
  • Difference between help and notes
  • How to change projects and how to rersolve problems if you can’t see the projects you expect.
  • Using voice to text – issues with it

So – as admin log into the impact app on your browser ( at – you will want to show them that as they add help it is appearing. Then get comfortable, make sure you can all see it and hit play on the video below…

Adding a new client

This video below shows you how to add a new client using the mobile app and the browser app. Some key things first…. this app is intended to be relaxed and informal. It’s not trying to capture every detail of someone. So when adding a new person there are on two things you must put in…

  • their first name (and this can be a false name if they want). First name only – tha pp onlt accepts one word in this space.
  • a unique identifier – can be anything but must be unique – can’t be the ID number another system where you keep more info about them.

On top of that you can also add – if they’re happy…

  • Postcode – put the full one in (don’t put a space afterwards) – the app truncates it, giving roughtly where someone is.
  • Year of birth – yes just the year!
  • Gender
  • Work status.

That’s it.

Discuss Unique reference Numbers

Decide how you want to do this. Will it be a surname – if so it has to be unique, so Jones001 – or the colour of their front door, reddoor, or something else.

Create a real-life project.

You’ve already done this. In the browser version of the app got to

dashboard/management then choose the add new project button.

Give the project it’s name, an abbreviation which appears on graphs and describe the project.

The project question!!!!

This can be argued over forever. It is only one question and it’s needs to be gentle, inviting and open. It’s a cue for the person in front of you to share. It isn’t a question that say how well have we done. It’s more like how are things for you, or how was today? Choose it together.

A word on clients and how they relate to projects.

Clients belong to the whole organisation. Everyone in your organisation will be able to find all the clients and add help for them.

The client becomes associated with a project when you add their first help.

Members of staff will only be able to see what clients have said about the projects that the member of staff is also assigned to.

You need to talk about GDPR

Every organisation has different GDPR needs – which is why we don’t try to fine a total solution for you, we can’t. You need to think about where the app fits in with other information you may (or may not) be keeping about people. You can use the app to record some of their wishes. If you added a help called GDPR and recorded a video with someone that might help you a little, or added a photo of the GDPR form which they have signed it will be stored in the app. You could then give them the form to them to keep.

What happens if your phone/tablet doesn’t have an internet connection.

Put simply you won’t be able to add new people or add media, but you will be able to add the text opf a help and the slider or a note for anyone who was already in the app. Why is this? The app needs to sync between phones and the database ion the cloud. Without an internet connection, it can’t check, for example, if a unique reference number has been used before.

Add your team to their live projects and remove them from the training project.

You are nearly done and they’re probably got a headful os stuff. So ….

  • You need to add them to their real life projects and delete them the training project
  • you do this by going to the browser and clicking on staff at the very top.
  • Find the member of staff name and click on it – on the left hand side there is the option to add them to a project and remove.


Sorry to be shouty. Once you’ve added them to their real live projects (as many as they need to be in) you will need them to log out and log back in on their phones. It syncs everything up nicely. In fact, it’s a good why to solve a lot of problems that may crop up with the app.

They can then stay logged in – because the mobile app is designed so you can’t find the information – the story – that people have shared with you through the mobile app.

Tell them who their first port of call is when there is a problem

Poblems with the app tend to be through inexperience using it or pronblems with phones. You need someone in the organisation who is the first port of call. Decide who it si.

They should check things like:

  • Does the device have the right software: iOS 11 or above Android 9 or above. This will change as the years progress.
  • Are they using it correctly
  • Is the internet connected
  • Have they been assigned to the right projects
  • If they’re struggling to login is the e-mail they are using the same one as the app has on their account?
  • if they’ve lost their password they can reset here:
  • If they are not receiving e-mails – don’t keep requesting them (that turns the e-mail into spam) – check spam folder.
  • Other work arounds: Log out and back in again, delete

Good luck all!!!!